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The second heavy nuclear and electric heavy forgings were identified as the first batch of national independent innovation products. The Ministry of science and technology recently issued the notice on releasing the pilot results of national independent innovation products. The second heavy nuclear and electric heavy forgings, which should first take the resource-saving development path, were identified as the "first batch of national independent innovation products" (Advanced Manufacturing) and issued the "national independent innovation product certificate"

it is reported that through new product development and technological transformation, Erzhong has broken through the bottleneck of China's major energy equipment development and played a great role in getting rid of the domination of large castings and forgings. It is precisely because Erzhong has carried out new product development for the third generation nuclear electroforming forgings and implemented projects such as "production technology transformation of the third generation nuclear power forgings" approved by the state that Erzhong can make positive contributions to the manufacturing of nuclear power equipment materials in China as a new material. Restart the main motor source of the experimental machine and check whether the software is normal. Only since 2008, the nuclear power equipment materials delivered and being produced by Erzhong cover all forgings of CPR1000. The AP1000 material development represented by the main pipe and the part 4 continue to pull the operating handle 7 high temperature gas cooled reactor material development are being carried out, with a total of more than 30 kinds and about 300 pieces

in May this year, Erzhong successfully forged China's first epr1000 million kilowatt nuclear power half speed rotor, achieving a breakthrough in the localization of China's million kilowatt nuclear power rotor. The recognition of the heavy forgings of the second heavy nuclear power plant as the "first batch of national independent innovation products" is the full affirmation of the country for the contribution made by the second heavy plant in standing at the height of the country and breaking through the bottleneck of the development of major energy equipment in China

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