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On March 8, the launching meeting of the Jianghuai GEFA heavy truck market for the "man quality control" engine of SINOTRUK was grandly held in Hefei. Wanggensheng, chairman and dingguichun, general manager of China Heavy Truck Engine Sales Corporation, Wang Bing, general manager of the friction and wear testing machine industry, Xia Lei, deputy general manager of heavy commercial vehicles and other regional managers of both sides and representatives of major dealers from across the country attended the meeting. At the kick-off meeting, dingguichun, general manager of SINOTRUK Engine Sales Co., Ltd., introduced in detail that "manqc" engine greatly improved the original D-series products and met the National IV ~ V emission standards based on the product development process and test verification standards of German manqc engine and the advanced technology, manufacturing process and quality management standards of manqc engine

with the rapid development of China's e-commerce industry, major express companies have paid more and more attention to the efficiency and economy of logistics transportation, which has also brought huge business opportunities to the truck transportation industry. On the K5 heavy truck platform, which was mainly promoted in 2016, GEFA heavy truck is equipped with two series of engines of SINOTRUK Germany "man technology" and "man quality control" to meet the needs of different groups of users

it is reported that "man quality control", which was equipped on various models of Jianghuai gelfa in the early stage, launched the battery box in the hands of Wang Yong, a national well-known enterprise of Jinan new period Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. the battery box is still intact. Through the batch test sales in Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong markets, users reflect that the engine has good reliability and low fuel consumption, bringing them very good economic benefits. Licheng, general manager of Jianghuai GEFA Zhongshan Zhongrui 4S store in recent years, made a very detailed data comparison between the "man quality control" engine and the competitive engine. He believed that the "man quality control" engine has low noise, great strength, and much lower maintenance frequency than the competitive engine. The most important thing is that the fuel consumption is about 0.16 yuan/km less than other engines

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