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In 2015, the heavy truck market or low-level optimistic about special tractor vehicles

in 2015, the heavy truck market or low-level optimistic about special tractor vehicles

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2014 has come to an end, and the love hate entangled truck market seems to be settled. Although the truck market remains depressed, we can still get some enlightenment from reviewing the heavy truck market in 2014

in 2014, due to the slowdown of macroeconomic growth, the decline of demand, inventory pressure and other factors, the sales volume of the heavy truck industry declined slightly, showing a trend of high in the first place and low in the second place throughout the year, in which the tractor increased by 4.4%, the truck increased by 0.4% and the dump truck decreased by 14%

the reason why the heavy truck industry has such characteristics is mainly due to the policy guidance of the heavy truck industry, including emission upgrading and regulation upgrading. The market has strengthened the pace of upgrading intelligent muck vehicles and eliminating yellow standard vehicles. Affected by the sharp decline of coal production in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Qinghai and other major coal energy producing areas, the sales of dump trucks and tractors related to coal mining and transportation have been greatly fluctuated, and the sales of heavy trucks in these areas have fallen sharply for the fourth consecutive year

in contrast, high-power and large displacement tractors have gradually become the mainstream of the industry, and major changes have taken place in the main sales area of the heavy truck market, which has been transferred from Shanxi and Inner Mongolia to East China and Guangdong

according to the truck market sales in 2014, truck enterprises have determined the sales targets for 2015. Most enterprises are not optimistic about the forecast of heavy truck sales in 2015 after the oil pipe, power supply and oil filling are connected and the preliminary operation and commissioning are stopped

Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck Group said that in 2015, the capacity of the whole heavy truck market is expected to reach 730000, of which the tractor will continue to maintain an upward trend and is expected to account for 45% of the total market volume; However, due to the impact of the whole macro-economy, the dump truck market will continue the downward trend in 2014, and its share will remain at about 30%; The freight and special vehicle market will remain the same as that in 2014, maintaining a market share of 25%

therefore, in the sales target of 103000 vehicles in 2015, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck will focus on promoting tractors, including 9000 port tractors, 7500 heavy-duty tractors, 4000 X3000 standard load tractors and some natural gas tractors. In addition, as the traditional market of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck, the enterprise will also focus on selling 6*4 dump trucks and set a target of 27000, including 10000 muck trucks

SAIC Iveco Hongyan predicts that the heavy truck industry will sell 720000 vehicles in 2015, and the market will continue to decline. Affected by the slowdown of GDP growth to 7%, consumption becoming a new engine of economic growth, the high level of industrial inventory, and the governance of the fourth national standard emission vehicle, the demand of the heavy truck industry has entered a period of shock and fluctuation. However, it is worth noting that in 2014, shangyihong road vehicles increased by 56% year-on-year. Among the sales target of 30000 vehicles in 2015, the sales target of 8000 road vehicles also indicates its development direction, followed by 15500 engineering vehicles that maintain their advantages

at the annual business conference of SINOTRUK, the heavy truck market decreased from 774000 vehicles in 2013 to 750000 vehicles in four years, a decrease of 3%. Among them, tractor increased by 4.4%, truck increased by 0.4%, and dump truck decreased by 14%. It is also optimistic about the tractor market. In setting the sales target of more than 200000 complete vehicles, sinotruk pointed out that the sales of heavy trucks will be more than 135000, and the market share will be increased by one percentage point

the physical modified card is the most used by beiben. It also said that it is not optimistic about the heavy truck market in 2015. It is expected that the total number will be about 700000, and the heavy truck sales will show a slight decline. Facing the trend of continuous decline, beiben heavy truck, with the theme of "focusing on the market, focusing on product cooperation, mutual trust and win-win future", made an all-out dash from the sales of 10000 vehicles in 2014 to the sales target of 200million vehicles, including 4600 tractors

different from other heavy truck enterprises, although FAW Jiefang also predicted that the market would decline by 3% in 2015, it put forward a total sales figure of 950000 vehicles. Among the sales targets in 2015, FAW Jiefang continued to be the No. 1, with a sales target of 190000 vehicles and a market share target of 17.9%. Among them, 170000 medium and heavy trucks were sold, up from 167000 in 2014

in addition to the expectation for the tractor market, the special vehicle market and overseas market are also paid more and more attention by enterprises. In 2015, SAIC Iveco expects to sell 2500 special-purpose vehicles, 4000 export vehicles, 10000 Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck special-purpose vehicles, 1000 beiben heavy truck special-purpose vehicles and 5000 export vehicles

although the development of the heavy truck market in 2015 is still uncertain due to the implementation of the national four emission standards, the limitation of coal transportation, the control of excess and limit, the licensing and weighing, the unstable prices of natural gas and fuel oil and other factors, for heavy truck enterprises, everyone is fully prepared to carry out accurate product construction, develop channel markets and strive to win the tough battle in 2015 on the basis of market analysis. Let us wait and see what ripples the heavy truck market will bring in 2015

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