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Some heavy machinery enterprises suffered losses in the first half of the year. The order volume of new products in the first half of the year was OK. Some heavy machinery enterprises suffered losses in the first half of the year. Affected by the macro economy, the situation has not improved in the first half of this year. As predicted by the industry, the future is difficult

the annual reports of five heavy machinery enterprises, including China First Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., *st Second Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., have been published successively, and the main operating income and net profit have declined year-on-year, and three of the five enterprises have lost profits. Affected by the macro economy, the situation has not improved in the first half of this year. As predicted by the industry, the future is unpredictable

overcapacity, low profits and difficult payment collection are still the main problems perplexing enterprises. Enterprises are still looking forward to new profits through new products and strive to turn losses into profits this year

loss in profit

collected the announcement data in the first half of the year. In the first half of 2013, China Yizhong (601106) actually realized a commodity output value of 3.565 billion yuan, a main business income of 3.376 billion yuan and a loss of 355million yuan, and failed to achieve the progress target of the first half of 2013 as scheduled. At the beginning of the year, the company set the annual business objectives for 2013: the commodity output value was 12billion yuan, and the main business income was 8billion yuan, so as to ensure profitability

*st Erzhong (601268) annual report shows that the company achieved an operating income of 2.947 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 56.95%, and a net profit loss of 996million yuan, an increase of 593million yuan compared with the same period in 2012

Taiyuan Heavy Industry (600169) achieved an operating revenue of 3.73 billion yuan in the first half of the year, a decrease of 8.64% over the same period of the previous year, and a net profit loss of 48 million yuan, a decrease of 48.1% over the same period of the previous year. Although the orders in the first half of the year increased slightly compared with the same period of last year, the order situation in the second half of the year is not optimistic due to the reduction of market demand

the operating income of CITIC Heavy Industries (601608) was 3016.56 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 12.13%; The total profit was 404.05 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 14.54%, and the net profit was 358.14 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 10.93%

the operating income of Dalian heavy industry (002204) in the first half of the year was 3.434 billion yuan, a decrease of 25.66% compared with 4.619 billion yuan in the same period of the previous year, and the gross profit margin of the company decreased by 2.85% compared with the same period of the previous year

overcapacity is the main reason

one of the main reasons for the loss of enterprises is the decline in market demand. It is understood that the orders for the leading products of Taiyuan Heavy Industry, such as rail transit, mining equipment, cranes, forging equipment, steel rolling equipment, coking equipment, etc., decreased year on year. At the same time, the metallurgical equipment market is still shrinking, and the demand for mining machinery, which has always been developing rapidly, has also begun to decrease this year

in addition, the low-end manufacturing capacity of the whole industry is surplus, and the capacity is far greater than the demand, resulting in vicious competition

Yizhong metallurgical complete equipment Co., Ltd. is the supplier of the whole process equipment of the steel plant and the largest metallurgical complete equipment manufacturer in China. Affected by the financial crisis, national macro-control policies and overcapacity in the iron and steel industry, the metallurgical complete product market of the plant contracted significantly, resulting in more fierce market competition and a sharp drop in ordering prices. At the same time, due to the rise in the prices of some materials, the product profit space was severely squeezed, resulting in a downward trend in gross profit margin

*st Erzhong's complete sets of metallurgical equipment in 2013 were also greatly frustrated by the decrease in market demand. The operating revenue of metallurgical equipment in the first half of the year was 749million yuan, and the operating profit margin decreased by 21.39% year-on-year. In addition, due to the influence of market competition and inflation pressure, the ordering price of large castings and forgings is low, and the production cost is rising, which makes their profitability decline rapidly

Dalian heavy industry and other enterprises also believe that the increasing difficulty in collection has led to the continuous rise of the company's accounts receivable in recent years, resulting in a substantial increase in the company's financial expenses, an expansion of the loan scale, and an increase in the provision for financial expenses and asset impairment

the system control object of the universal tensile testing machine

the performance is still commendable

under the overall situation of reduced market demand and difficult profit growth, all enterprises still take a positive response. New products of CITIC Heavy Industries, China first heavy industries and other enterprises have won a number of orders. Therefore, with the lifting of the ban on nuclear power projects and the reaching of the production capacity of some new heavy machinery projects, the situation of using medium frequency furnace to melt the waste steel in the second half of the year may be alleviated

through the development in recent years, Yizhong nuclear power equipment has accumulated some experience. The revenue of nuclear power equipment this year increased by 39.1% year on year. Although the gross profit margin decreased significantly due to the rise of production costs, it still maintained a high profitability

it is understood that the operating orders of China National Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd. have increased compared with the same period of last year. As of the end of the reporting period, the on hand orders reached 7.208 billion yuan

in the first half of the year, the company signed contracts for projects such as stainless steel hot continuous rolling production line, intelligent stretching machine, cap1400 nuclear power demonstration project reactor core make-up water tank, heavy Petrochemical vessel, etc., making new breakthroughs in international market development. A number of major technical equipment such as the new slag vertical mill with the largest specification and output in the world independently developed by the company have been successfully put into operation. In addition, the company has mastered a full set of AP1000 nuclear power key forging manufacturing technology, successfully developed new products such as the first million KW generator rotor and the first set of composite plate pressure vessel in China, the verification part of gas turbine test platform, the core components of deep-sea exploration test device, and accelerated the development of new products such as shale gas mining and large open-pit coal mining equipment

in the first half of the year, China Erzhong Group Co., Ltd. organized and completed "research and application of manufacturing technology for large key forgings of 1000MW and above supercritical and ultra supercritical units", "development of complete sets of key forgings for millions of large nuclear power evaporators", "development of key manufacturing technology and localization for 1000~1750mw large nuclear power cylinders" and "development of complete sets of equipment for multi-point edge drive vertical mills" Appraisal and application of provincial scientific and technological progress awards for five projects, including "development of castings and forgings for Three Gorges 700MW hydro motor". It has organized and completed the appraisal and application of Municipal Science and technology progress awards for two projects, namely, "Research on advanced technology of vacuum ingot casting for large forgings" and "development of nut column assembly and inspection technology for Three Gorges ship lift"

a number of important project contracts have been signed for heavy reloading. The signing of the shield machine and Vietnam container crane contract has achieved a breakthrough of zero export orders for subway construction equipment and dock equipment willing to work with China on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit. The signing of the contract for Xinzhou Xinshi 6.3m stamp charging coke oven has realized the company's first set of orders. A total of 6 aluminum extruders contracts were signed in Brazil, Canada and the United States, realizing the batch export of aluminum extruders

in addition, the company continued to promote the development of new products, and completed the overall scheme of complete sets of equipment for 18000 T/h semi continuous stripping system, the mechanical design of 2000 t crawler crane, the general drawing of crane operation mechanism of 6000 T/h coal ship loader, and the design of boom steel structure and main steel structure

since the beginning of the year, CITIC Heavy Industries has taken energy conservation and environmental protection industries and other strategic emerging industries as the development direction, and increased the development of new products The R & D of new technologies and the industrialization process of "the technical system, platform architecture, product form and service mode we are familiar with may take on a new look in the near future. During the reporting period, new progress has been made in various key R & D projects.

the first demonstration project of" using cement kiln to treat municipal solid waste "is expected to achieve the goal of 350 tons of daily treatment and long-term stable operation in the near future. Waste heat power generation technology is expanding to many fields, such as furnace cooling sintering machine waste heat power generation, dry quenching waste heat power generation, silicon smelting waste heat power generation, etc. The first set of special high-power frequency converter for mine hoist has been delivered for use. At the same time, it has completed the series R & D of 31 high-voltage inverter products, including 13 standard products of chic1000 series 10kv High-voltage Inverter, 9 standard products of 6kV high-voltage inverter, 9 standard products of 10kV input 6kV output high-voltage inverter, and has met the standard requirements for batch industrialization

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