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Attention should be paid to the brand upgrading of aluminum alloy doors and windows

editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

the brand renewal speed in the aluminum alloy doors and windows franchise industry is relatively fast. You may not have heard of this aluminum alloy doors and windows franchise brand, but after two years, it has developed in full swing, which is better than some manufacturers that have developed for more than ten years; There are also franchised brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows that have developed rapidly in recent years but have suddenly disappeared. How should we develop the brand in a circular and gradual manner? The correct brand marketing should first do a good job in positioning, then promote characteristic products, establish a communication platform with consumers, and understand consumer needs

the so-called brand positioning is actually a label. Through market research and self positioning, manufacturers tell consumers and dealers what kind of grade and style of brand you belong to. Brand communication is a lasting process, which needs to be constantly displayed in front of consumers, or can be closer to consumers' line of sight. The concept of brand creates a highly recognizable and differentiated image through the brand's visual recognition system and image recognition system

understand what products consumers really need and what products should be used as market entry points. As the homogenization of products in the market is relatively serious, it is necessary to guide consumers to understand products after brand communication. Many dealers who participated in the building materials exhibition also reflected that the brands in the guild hall felt that the products looked the same, and there were not many different styles and product types as in other industries, which was obviously very detrimental to brand marketing

franchise enterprises of aluminum alloy doors and windows should be closer to the lives of consumers, truly understand the consumption needs of the current market, and find accurate market positioning

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