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With the gradual improvement of living standards, people began to realize the seriousness of the harm of kitchen fumes and noise to human body. Therefore, integrated stoves came into being. But now there are more and more brands of integrated stoves in the market. There is also a big gap in price, and the quality is also mixed. Consumers have no way to start with many brands and styles of integrated stoves, and do not know how to choose and buy integrated stoves. Kuba Xiaobian specially summarized several ways to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of integrated stoves for you who are preparing to buy integrated stoves. Let me tell you in detail:

first, look at stainless steel plates. At present, the appearance of most integrated stoves in the market is made of stainless steel, but there are many kinds of stainless steel, which looks no different to laymen, but in fact, their quality varies greatly. The best stainless steel used in the integrated stove is sus304l18cr-9ni-low-c, very low-carbon 304 steel. Its various properties are good. From the appearance, it is obviously different from other inferior ones in terms of fineness and gloss. The good stainless steel plate is similar to the mirror in gloss

second, look at the process treatment. Poor integrated stove manufacturers can hardly press the whole stainless steel plate into shape at one time, and the joint is uneven or has obvious cracks, which is easy to hide dirt and breed bacteria; The integrated stoves produced by large manufacturers are machine pressed shells with higher scientific and technological content. Some integrated stoves also use arc technology to break the common square appearance structure, with softer visual effects and more beautiful appearance

III. look at the suction position. At present, integrated stoves can be mainly divided into side suction and deep well ring suction. Deep well suction is easy to consume heat energy, which will consume time, gas and electricity when cooking, and cannot be used for soup cooking; The side suction does not affect the heat energy, and the pot can absorb the oil smoke even if it is higher than the stove plane

IV. check whether the lampblack is separated. Poor integrated stoves cannot achieve complete separation of oil smoke. If the oil smoke does not separate and passes directly through the turbine, it is easy to cause pollution of the fuselage itself; A good integrated stove can basically completely separate the lampblack, and filter the oil stains in the funnel while discharging the gas

v. look at the stove. At present, there are generally two kinds of stoves in the market, one is flat, and the other is pit type. Relatively speaking, the flat stove is more in line with the cooking habits of the Chinese people, because the Chinese people are used to shaking the spoon in cooking, so the operation is more free, and there is no limit on the diameter of the pot, which is more convenient to clean; Pit type stove has certain restrictions on the pot

VI. see whether the flame can burn completely. Many poor environment-friendly stoves are renovated with old stoves or accessories from inferior manufacturers. The color of the flame generated by combustion is mostly red or yellow, and a large amount of toxic gas will be generated during combustion. Good integrated stoves use brand-new accessories with guaranteed quality. The liquefied gas burns completely, and the flame is light blue, and will not produce toxic gases

VII. Look at the flue. First, look at the flue material. A good flue material is copper wire and aluminum foil. It is very high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant, and its service life is more than 10 to 15 years; The second is to look at the appearance structure of the flue. Now the best flue is square. It walks on the foundation line of the cabinet, which can not damage the structure of the cabinet. It uses the remaining space under the cabinet. Moreover, because the flue walks on the ground, the noise and vibration generated by the motor when it works are transmitted to the floor through the flue and absorbed by the floor, which also plays a good role in shock absorption and noise reduction

VIII. Look at the details. Good integrated stove design is more reasonable and humanized. For example, a good integrated stove adopts a two-dimensional design, the height of the stove can be adjusted, and the operation is more comfortable; The power line has leakage protection, and the oil box is a hidden design to prevent children from moving around and dirty the floor, and so on




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