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The top non-woven materials give you a gentle touch like a gentleman: Mr guy verstraete, the chief designer of khroma, keeps improving on the use of raw materials, and is the best in hand feel and quality

with the melodious and soothing Piano Concerto, slowly open each series and enjoy the fun of "paper tasting"

the top non-woven material gives you a gentle touch like a gentleman: Mr guy verstraete, the chief designer of khroma, strives for perfection in the use of raw materials, and is the best in hand feel and quality

professional color magic is your choice when you look back: Mr guy verstriet, the chief designer of khroma, has always been in the leading position in the industry in the allocation level of color. He is the weathervane and leader of the industry, and pays great attention to color fastness. He gives full play to the extreme softness and nature of color from an optical point of view, which is the best comfort and reputation that can truly integrate naturally with the eyes of consumers. In his own set of color secrets, there are thousands of colors of khroma

process and material

the rigorous and in-depth process shows the design and color incisively and vividly: the delicate circular net micro foaming process is exquisite, with a strong three-dimensional sense, so it is a pleasant feeling of the two worlds behind the wall. Mr guy verstriet, the chief designer of khroma, holds several positions. He is still in his 60s and is still full of love for wallpaper design. He transforms the machine by himself to create the best effect of design performance

pattern interpretation

one of the product series: the precipitation of yesterday is blooming today

this series is expressed in three patterns: melody, nobile, intimo, named after the main melody of the piano

melody series, the soft foaming effect creates the hazy beauty of lace, but it is also atmospheric

nobile series, as a whole, is dominated by soft natural colors, such as tender green in spring, mysterious black and photosensitive metal color. Pia003 is treated with metal bright color peritoneum, showing a unique low-key, elegant and luxurious, and has excellent tactile texture

intimo's unique curve trend comes from the carved patterns of Baroque style, which is especially suitable for the fashionable modern interior design style. It can carry the perfect combination of personality, retro and fashion, and also create a very Vintage effect, which is very rich and charming

product series 2: the traditional design of the 3D trend begins, 3D three-dimensional effect

voante series, elegant and interwoven garland effect to create 3D three-dimensional effect, rich soft colors, atmospheric panoramic pictures, pia404 three-dimensional super three-dimensional effect in natural state, supporting furniture parts with the same texture can achieve seamless matching

fontana series, the flower of music fountain, pursues light with color. The three-dimensional three-dimensional effect feels that she is walking towards you, flexible and cheerful, creating joy and making people happy

product series 3: rich colors show off in a palette of transitional red, glossy gold, silver and

bronze the beauty of transcendent artistic conception

Gentile series, the intertwined mission of classic and modern is accomplished through color. Asparagus green in spring, romantic, shy and docile violet, plain and clean flax, cobalt blue with deep wisdom, mysterious and noble black and envious eccentric color combination of gold, silver and copper. This group of colors completes the journey from Retro to today





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