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In addition to the bedroom and living room, the kitchen should be the place where people stay most. Food is the most important thing for the people, and kitchen design is very important. The thick oil smoke in the kitchen is also a worry for many people, so why not "invite" spring to your home to cook delicious food and see the scenery of spring at the same time? Next, here are some rural kitchen design renderings collected by Xiaobian. I hope you like them

the rustic background wall tiles bring a sense of freshness to the simple and elegant space. The warm milkshake yellow stimulates the appetite. The beautiful laminate and the simple and clean cooking table make the cooking process enjoyable. The overall color of the artificial stone table top is mild and beautiful. The texture like white jade feels delicate. The use of seamless splicing technology makes the whole table top impervious. No matter cutting vegetables or accidentally sprinkling water, you don't have to worry about wetting the interior of the cabinet

the neat and orderly design and elegant style immediately make people feel comfortable. Jane's garden cabinet is the kitchen space in my dream. Listening to the insects and birds, I can smell the fragrance of food. In the dense morning light, cooking love Soup for your family is the happiest time of the day. Maybe such a kitchen doesn't just exist in your dream. Let the gold medal's simple European style integral cabinet help you realize your dream! The gentle lines are the best representative of pastoral flavor, and milkshake yellow makes the whole cabinet full of a little sweet flavor

the cabinet embedded in the wall saves more space. The exquisite solid wood mechanism sets off a warm and comfortable home style, and also shows us a free and romantic artistic atmosphere. Powerful supporting functions make the kitchen operation more convenient. The space is orderly arranged from small to large, which can classify the oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar, pots and pans. The function of open shelving and cabinet type combined hanging cabinet is much richer than that of a single form

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