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In the decoration of the office, there are many problems that we need to pay attention to. Besides the decoration style of the office is a big problem that we should pay attention to, the decoration Feng Shui of the office is an important part that we can't ignore. Among them, the decoration Feng Shui of the Office gate is the top priority. So it seems that we need to understand some decoration feng shui knowledge of the gate, So what are the answers to the feng shui knowledge of the door of the office decoration project? Let's see what the relevant articles say

feng shui knowledge answer of decoration project of office gate

how to design Feng Shui at the gate of an office? First of all, we should see how to design the gate. Only when this main problem is solved can we set the design scheme around the gate

1. In the geomantic omen at the office gate, the design of the office gate should be relatively open. The wider it is, the more auspicious it is, the better geomantic omen it can bring

2. Moreover, we should pay attention to the opening direction of the gate, that is, to the left, which is the so-called dragon side. Only in this way can we bring a prosperous business to the company and have a good fortune

3. No obstacles should be set in front of the door of the office, otherwise, it is not conducive to promotion and wealth, and the scale of the company cannot be expanded

4. The most important point is that the door cannot be designed into an oblique shape, which will damage the feng shui of the office

5. The door of the office cannot be directly facing the sharp corner of the high building next to it, nor the chimney. Just like some strange buildings, we can't face them

if the above situation occurs at the door of the office, we need to find a solution from Feng Shui at the door of the office. The most direct way is to carry out reconstruction. If there is no non load-bearing wall for reconstruction, we must use external forces to resolve it, that is, set up a screen to block this kind of evil spirit

6. The gold cabinet mouth of the office is not suitable to be built in the direction of the water flow, which leads to a bad feng shui that consumes money repeatedly, and the gold cabinet of the office cannot be placed in an obvious place. This is a big taboo in Feng Shui at the door of the office

if the door of the office is facing the door of the internal office, then this will form an air impact effect on Feng Shui, and the air flow is easy to rush in, which will affect the health of residents

7. If your company's fortunes are bad for a long time, the editor suggests that you can consider opening a side door to change your fortunes. Feng Shui at the door of the office is so important, but you can't open more than two doors. This will not only fail to resolve Feng Shui, but also expose the wealth of the office

complete answers to feng shui knowledge about the decoration of the office gate

I. Feng Shui taboo of the office gate

1. Avoid facing the elevator

the door is facing the elevator. In Feng Shui of the office gate, it is a taboo. Because there are so many people opening and closing the elevator door and walking, too many people will have a disordered aura; The opening and closing of the elevator door will be mixed with other auras, which will affect the work of the office staff, disperse the spirit of the staff, and will also affect the overall fortune of the enterprise

2. Avoid facing the sharp corners of buildings

in the office geomancy, the sharp corners of high buildings, chimneys and strange buildings should be avoided at the gate. Therefore, taboos will directly affect the development of the whole enterprise. The solution is to close this gate and make another office gate; Second, if the gate cannot be closed due to the structure, a screen can also be used to block it

3. Avoid the occurrence of multiple side doors

in the case of bad luck, in order to supplement transportation and robbery, it can open a side door in the office space, but this side door can't be opened more, only one can be opened, otherwise it will produce the phenomenon of prosperous gas leakage

II. Office financial expediting methods

1. Open the door to green

that is, you can see green plants as soon as you open the door, which is full of interest and can also improve your eyes

2. Open door painting

if you open the door, you can see an elegant sketch or picture, which can not only reflect the self-restraint of the residents, but also alleviate the rush after entering the door

3. Putting water beside the door can promote wealth

making good use of the function of the door can promote and recruit wealth for the family. The orientation of the door can be said to be the lifeline of wealth, and the simplest way to promote wealth is to put water beside the door, the so-called “ Mountain owner Ding Shuizhu wealth ”, Where there is water, wealth can play its role. In addition to water, all aquatic plants and flower arrangements have the effect of promoting wealth, which can take effect as long as they are placed near the gate

4. Open the door and see the red

is also called happy at the beginning, that is, when you open the door, you will see the red walls or decorations. When you enter the room, you will feel happy, giving people a warm and exciting spiritual feeling and a happy mood

III. form of office gate

1. The office gate is a gourd mouth

the gourd mouth is shaped like a gourd, which is large outside and small inside. It can not only absorb external gas, but also ensure that wealth is stored inside without loss. It is suitable for companies that have developed to a certain stage

2. The door of the office is the dustpan mouth

the dustpan mouth is shaped like a dustpan and absorbs a lot of external gas, which is conducive to rapid development. It is suitable for companies that have just started and is expected to be achieved overnight

3. The office gate is a parallel entrance

parallel entrance, which is parallel to the internal space. It is suitable for companies that are determined to maintain success, have a flat fortune and have no ambition

answers to the five feng shui knowledge of the door of office decoration projects

first, the door is facing the elevator

the door is facing the elevator, forming a Feng Shui “ Elevator suction ” Pattern. The elevator keeps moving up and down, opening and closing, which can not only absorb the anger of the enterprise, but also affect the concentration of employees. This is naturally detrimental to the improvement of the enterprise's fortunes. Of course, this is not absolute. Sometimes the location of the elevator is also very important, which needs to be determined in combination with the good or bad fortune of the overall nine palaces of the office and the good or bad fortune of the Feng Shui fortune of the main person in charge of the company

second, the gate is facing the corridor or channel

the gate is facing the corridor and channel, forming a geomantic “ Heart piercing sword ” Pattern. This pattern is more likely to lead to setbacks for enterprises, which is not good for the development of enterprises. If the length of the corridor is greater than the depth of the office, “ Heart piercing sword ” It brings the most ferocity. If your office faces such a pattern, it must be resolved as soon as possible

III. the door is facing the door of the internal office

the door is facing the door of the internal office, forming a geomantic “ Door rush ” Pattern. This pattern will cause the air flow to rush in directly, thus destroying the good gas field in the original space

IV. the gate is facing the corner of the opposite building

the gate is facing the corner of the opposite building, forming a geomantic “ Horn Sha ”. This kind of corner will greatly affect the development of enterprises

v. the door is facing the toilet door

the toilet is a gathering place of dirty gas. The door is facing the toilet door, especially the public toilet, which will make dirty gas enter the room, destroy the original good atmosphere in the office environment, and have a negative impact on the fortunes of the enterprise




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