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Congratulations on the perfect conclusion of the 2019 peacock wood grain 10th anniversary celebration with the theme of "peacock dream, ten-year trip"

on January 8, 2018, the headquarters of Foshan Nanhai peacock metal products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "peacock wood") ushered in the 10th anniversary celebration. "Peacock wood grain" held the 2019 peacock wood grain anniversary celebration and 2019 new product launch with the theme of "peacock dream, ten-year trip" in the factory. Nearly 600 people from industry partners, the "peacock family" all over the country, guests, media and other people jointly witnessed the "peacock dream, ten-year trip" jointly founded and constructed by four golden flowers

the guests who arrived signed in one after another

with the vivid and creative new product catwalk performance, the anniversary celebration officially kicked off. After a wonderful audio-visual enjoyment, he Xiaofeng, chairman of peacock metal products Co., Ltd., came to the stage to make a true speech of "peacock dream, ten-year trip"

General manager he Xiaofeng, chairman of peacock metal products Co., Ltd.

he said: over the past decade, peacock wood grain has grown with everyone. Peacock wood grain has changed time and time again, and its achievements cannot be separated from the joint efforts of peacock family. Thanks to the support and trust of customers and friends who have been through hardships all the way, peacock has gradually developed and become strong; Today, we have achieved something, there is still a long way to go, and there are more tests in the future. We firmly believe that after everyone's active progress and unity, we will have a better tomorrow

chairman of Foshan Saint Paul's door and window Co., Ltd.

Wu Guohong delivered a speech on the stage

talk about Foshan door and window giants (focusing on 2019. Dialogue on door enterprise development)

Germany Fuxuan (International group) Mr. lichang'an, chairman of doors and windows Co., Ltd.

executive chairman of Building Materials Association of Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province

Mr. Zhang Xiangqi, chairman of Foshan Yuhuang Aluminum Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the stage

New peacock wood grain products in 2019

peacock wood grain has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation and scientific and technological research and development, and provides customers in the industry with the most professional and advanced wood grain processing technology and wood grain fashion colors every year, Escorting customers to occupy the market, the 2019 peacock new product has been highly praised by the industry once it was launched, and everyone rushed to visit and praise it again and again

peacock wood employees self-made and self-directed new product catwalk show

and new year's greetings New Year Dance

at the event site, warm quilt, refrigerator, washing machine prizes continue, and the God of wealth came down to earth to sprinkle red envelopes, so that every guest on the scene is full of harvest, good wine and delicacies, red wine, Tiannvsanhua red envelope rain, The intention and care of peacock's four golden flowers made everyone present deeply feel and moved...

peacock wood grain has been honed and developed for 10 years. It is born for beauty with an ultimate heart. After ten years of struggle, it has never forgotten its original intention, and has created ultimate doors and windows for thousands of families with the strength of continuous rejuvenation. The glory of ten years' trials and tribulations and the glory of ten years' journey are also inseparable from the full support of leaders from all walks of life and the association. Because of the protection along the way, the scenery along the way is infinite

Foshan supplier resource sharing platform group is handsome. Peacock, as one of them, has experienced more than three years of ups and downs with Foshan supplier resource platform group. They cherish each other and grow together. In the long history of the door and window industry flowing through time, they have left a beautiful figure. In the future, Foshan supplier resource sharing platform will continue to support peacock and work together for common development

in a lot of laughter, the celebration of the tenth anniversary of peacock wood grain came to an end

the flick of the fingers in the long river of history is so touching and nostalgic for peacock wood grain. Over the past ten years, we have experienced a lot of ups and downs, and also reaped a lot of honors. Peacock wood grain originates from dreams, is based on struggle, and is more important than persistence! Facing the baptism of years without forgetting the original intention is the core of peacock craftsman spirit. With the extreme ingenuity of the peacock people, peacock products are facing every quality-oriented lifestyle family with a clearer and brighter attitude, and will water more flowers of human settlement happiness in the future. I believe that the effort of "peacock wood grain" will definitely make it more brilliant! 2019 come on




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