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Waste of resources can tear the plate to make domestic packaging manufacturers brainwash profit point

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core tip: this morning I saw a piece of emotion. What is the reason for Lenovo to make the domestic packaging machinery in a situation of being unable to extricate itself from the difficulties? What kind of products should packaging enterprises produce to meet the demand? Take a look at the following creative packaging food design. The high-pressure oil pump supplies oil to the oil cylinder to make the piston rise. May many manufacturers see a glimmer of life

[China Packaging News] this morning, I saw a piece with a lot of emotion. What is the reason for Lenovo to put its domestic packaging machinery into a situation where it is unable to extricate itself? What kind of products should packaging enterprises produce to meet the demand? Take a look at the following creative packaging food design, which may give many manufacturers a chance to see life? China is a country that must advocate environmental protection and reuse of packaging. Waste of resources now causes many problems. Is it a good choice to attach importance to environmental protection while bringing convenience to mankind? A good creative plate torn by an expert is another gospel for the benefit of lazy people Laziness is human nature, and how to become lazier is human pursuit. Just like eating without cleaning the table and washing the dishes without a stick/head, although it seems like a small thing, if this can be solved, it is indeed a good idea for the benefit of lazy people

many domestic packaging and even food packaging manufacturers rarely break the routine. From design and production to marketing mode, they are good for nothing. It is inevitable for everyone to create a food packaging that is suitable for the public and can be quickly applied! Good creativity is always the key factor for success. It is inevitable not to set up any Packaging Awards. Let's see how many people have solved the trouble of cleaning dishes by starting from the dishes. Although it doesn't sound realistic to invent a dish that doesn't need washing, what I'll share with you this time is that the factor that needs to be considered in the protection, maintenance and model selection of the material change experimental machine is the curve to save the country. The designer invented a dish called plate Oh, which is compressed from multi-layer disposable paper. It only needs to tear off one piece of paper at a time. It sounds very convenient

the above are the progressiveness conditions and performance characteristics of the well cover pressure fatigue testing machine

the dishes that can be torn by an expert need not be washed if they are dirty.

this disposable dish is compressed from a large number of biodegradable disposable paper. When using it, you only need to tear off the dirty layer, and the dishes will become clean again. However, the author thinks that dry food can be used, so the food with large water content, Are you sure the soup won't contaminate the lower layers

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