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The dilemma of waste disposal: low recycling price and privacy leakage risk

in the era of mobile Internet, the updating speed is getting faster and faster. According to a report of Qihoo 360 last year, about 50% of users changed for 18 months, and 20% of users had to change within one year. In this case, more and more waste materials are in the hands of users. Since Apple launched the trade in activity, recycling has once again attracted everyone's attention. It is learned that the prices of some official recycling channels are very low at present; Some private recycling channels have slightly higher prices, but there is a risk of personal information being leaked. In this case, today, with the faster and faster updating speed, how to dispose of waste has become a common problem

current situation: the price of waste recycling is low

in the era of mobile Internet, the replacement speed is faster and faster. According to a report of Qihoo 360 last year, about 50% of users have to replace within 18 months, and 20% of users must replace within one year. In this case, more and more waste materials are in the hands of users

how to dispose of these wastes? According to the interview, it has become a choice for many people to sell what they don't use. It is understood that there are various recycling enterprises in the market, including brand manufacturers, traditional Internet enterprises, private recycling and scalpers. The recycling market is mixed. However, they have one thing in common: low recycling prices

according to the calculation method given by several recycling enterprises, the recycling price of an 80% new and undamaged iphone4s is 500 yuan to 800 yuan, but the recycling price of the iPho must not exceed 2%ne5, which is about 1000 yuan. Some brands offer lower recycling prices. For example, Apple's official recycling price is: the iphone4s recycling price is about 500 yuan; The recycling price of iPhone4 is about 250 yuan

many friends do not pay for such a low recycling price. After the official recycling price of Apple was released, many Apple fans roast that it would be more cost-effective to sell it to scalpers

as for the reasons for the low recycling price, wangyanhui, Secretary General of the China Alliance, said that the main reason is that this is an industry with small profits, and the recycling cost is relatively not low

risk: the old ones are improperly handled or personal information is leaked.

the old ones are sold to scalpers or recycled privately. Although the price may be higher, is it safe? The answer is No. Yesterday, according to CCTV, users can recover information from the waste products they sell through some data recovery software, including personal privacy information such as text messages, photos and videos. Yesterday, CNR also quoted experts as saying that even if you use the built-in factory reset function, it is impossible to completely delete all the information

wangyanhui said that in fact, this is the same as the computer hard disk. The deletion function is not really deleted, but temporarily forgotten. Only when a large file is repeatedly stored and the entire storage space is completely covered can it be truly deleted. In this way, even if the data is recovered, these irrelevant large files stored recently will be obtained

in the protection of personal information, some people have come up with ways to dispose of waste materials by destroying and discarding them. Wangyanhui said that from the perspective of environmental protection, this practice is also inappropriate, because some parts are particularly polluting

in addition to the data in waste, more recycling enterprises want to obtain waste chips. According to wangyanhui, there are two final flows of these wastes. The first is to recycle precious metals and some parts after being decomposed; The second is to get the chip

these waste chips will become the core components of Shanzhai, and will flow to the market again after a series of assembly. At present, this kind of chip has become a stable chip supplier in Shanzhai. Wangyanhui said

the industry suggests that supervision needs to be put in place.

in view of the difficulties faced by how to dispose of waste materials, xiangligang, a well-known observer in the communications industry, said that from the perspective of safety and technology, professional recycling by terminal manufacturers is a better method, but it needs some policy support in the case of non overloading

it is understood that at present, except for a few brands, most brands have not launched waste recycling business. Even for apple, which launched this service, the recycling price is low, and many conditions such as non prison break and licensed goods are attached, so the enthusiasm of friends is not high

automation technology, robotics, smart home and innovative enterprises are the main businesses.

wangyanhui said that for waste disposal, one side should promote the development of relevant enterprises, on the other hand, supervision should also be in place. In addition to the supervision of information security, environmental protection should also be taken into account. Waste disposal shall also be included in the scope of the regulations on the administration of the recycling and disposal of waste electrical and electronic products (hereinafter referred to as the regulations). Wangyanhui suggested

it is understood that the regulations implemented in China in 2011 cover refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, computers, etc., but they are not listed yet

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