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On the morning of November 22, in the Ma'anshan renewable resources distribution market of Yushan Economic Development Zone, in the workshop of Anhui Xingang renewable resources Co., Ltd., a dozen workers were crushing the waste plastic foam disassembled from refrigerators and other waste electrical appliances, mixing materials in proportion, and pouring with molds... After several processes, New pieces of plastic plates have come out

xumuxing, deputy general manager of the company, introduced that what the workers are producing is an integrated recycled board for decoration in general conditions. This is a waste plastic foam disassembled from waste electrical appliances, which is added into the raw materials for the production of interior and exterior wall decoration by using the patented technology - mold built-in recycling method, and finally generated. It is the first building material product in China. This process not only makes these waste plastic foam that can only be buried or incinerated reasonably reused, but also improves the performance of decorative materials, saves raw materials and reduces production costs

it is understood that with the arrival of the peak of the upgrading of China's household appliances, the average number of discarded televisions in China is more than 5million each year, about 5million washing machines, about 4million refrigerators with crude steel production capacity reduced by about 13.27% in five years, and more than 15million discarded household appliances need to be eliminated each year. If these discarded household appliances cannot be effectively and innocuously treated, they may become e-waste harmful to the environment. But at the same time, these waste household appliances are a new type of "urban mine". As long as they are recycled and reasonably developed and utilized, they can effectively alleviate the pressure of resource depletion and produce unexpected benefits. The polyurethane insulation and decoration integrated recycled board project is an active attempt made by Anhui Xingang renewable resources Co., Ltd. to value this field, and has initially shown results

according to xumuxing, due to complying with the requirements of environmental protection, energy conservation and green, and integrating the functions of heat preservation and decoration, the interior decoration materials and dual density polyurethane heat preservation and decoration integrated recycled board developed by the company have been recognized by the market. At present, the products have been sold in Nanjing and other places, and have attracted many merchants to visit and negotiate cooperation

in other plants of Ma'anshan renewable resources distribution market, the sorting and processing of waste steel, the sorting and processing of waste non-ferrous metals, and the dismantling of waste household appliances are also in full swing; Those garbage in the eyes of ordinary people are experiencing the cycle of "Nirvana and rebirth" and becoming new resources again. The circular economy of "analyzing the change law of resources to judge the degree of wear and tear" is developing vigorously

it is reported that the Ma'anshan renewable resources distribution market project of Yushan economic development zone is the second batch of national pilot projects for the construction of renewable resources recovery system approved by the Ministry of Commerce. The project is led by Anhui Xingang renewable resources Co., Ltd. and jointly built by 6 enterprises, including Fengxi scrap metal recycling and poor meshing of the gearbox gear pair of the radial piston oil pump of mingboshi (9) metal impact testing machine. Phase I project covers an area of 320 mu, with a total investment of about 1billion yuan. The project mainly includes the construction of waste household appliances centralized storage yard, waste metal centralized storage yard, black/non-ferrous metal sorting plant and waste household appliances disassembly plant, environmental protection works (waste gas, sewage, noise, solid waste), product trading area, office and living facilities, etc. It is estimated that after the completion of phase I, the annual recoverable metal resources will reach 3million tons and the annual output value will reach 15billion yuan; At present, Xingang company has been completed and put into operation, and the main construction of steel structure plants of the other five projects is nearing completion. It is expected that the whole market will be completed and put into operation by the end of this year

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