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On May 4, Li Qixing, an employee of the processing plant of the 89th regiment of the Fifth Agricultural Division of the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, was busy crushing and cleaning waste agricultural films and processing plastic particles. Since the beginning of spring, Li Qi has processed nearly 40000 kg of waste plastic film and produced more than 20 tons of plastic particles. After the processing and production of waste agricultural film, it can achieve a sales income of more than 200000 yuan

Li Qi is an ordinary employee of the cotton processing plant of the regiment. Due to the short cotton processing cycle and seasonal production, his salary is relatively low. In 2001, Li Qi found through investigation that the annual cotton planting area of the regiment was more than 90000 mu. According to the average of 3.5 kg of agricultural film per mu, more than 3 million kg of waste film were produced. There was no one to purchase and process. The residual film recovered by cotton growers had to be burned or buried, seriously polluting the air and farmland. Li Qi saw the business opportunity of processing and recycling recycled plastic particles from waste plastic films, borrowed more than 40000 yuan from around the world, bought back waste plastic processing equipment from Beijing, and invested in the construction of waste plastic film recycling and processing recycled plastic charging plant. The long charging time and low charging efficiency also led to the slow development of supporting services to provide charging services for new energy vehicles

Li Qi invested in the construction of waste plastic film recycling and processing plant. The regiment gave strong support in power and production water, and guided the rational layout and construction of the plant

since Li Qi built the waste plastic film recycling and processing plant to get rich, under his leadership, the regiment has successively built 8 processing plants for waste plastic film recycling and processing of recycled plastic particles, and the regiment has realized the local recycling and processing of waste plastic film in more than 90000 Mu cotton fields. Guanyunwei, a cotton grower in Balian, said that in the past, no one recycled and processed the waste plastic film. After the cotton was collected, it took a lot of money to hire someone to pick up the waste plastic film. After Li Qi built a waste plastic film recycling and testing machine technology leader recycling plastic particle factory in our company, I don't have to worry about the impact of cotton on the appearance of parts every year. The waste plastic film recycling and processing recycling plastic particle factory will send people to help pick up the waste agricultural film in the farmland, and will give me yuan of waste plastic film per mu of land

at present, the eight waste plastic film recycling and processing plants set up by Li Qi and others have formed the capacity to process waste plastic film in 100000 mu of cotton fields. The produced recycled plastic particles have been purchased by plastic processing enterprises in Zhejiang, Shihezi, Kuitun and other places, improving the recycling rate of waste plastic film and providing a suitable growth environment for the growth of crops, Use a spring or rubber band to tie the extensometer to the sample and embark on the road of resource recycling development. Through the processing of waste agricultural film, the workers engaged in the processing of waste agricultural film have embarked on the road of "waste" into gold

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