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The day before yesterday, Mr. Wang, who lives in the upstream villa community of Minhou World Trade Center, reported to the Fuzhou evening news that his new house, which has been decorated for less than a year, immediately contacted a Fuzhou decoration design engineering company that decorated his new house after finding water seepage in the ceiling of the master bedroom on July 5. The staff came to check it and did not deal with it immediately. Ten days later, the ceiling suddenly began to seep in a large area, and the floor of the master bedroom, about 20 square meters, was also damaged by blisters

Mr. Wang told reporters: “ On July 5, after finding water seepage in the ceiling, I immediately contacted the decoration company& rdquo; Mr. Wang said that after the decoration company sent someone to check, it was delayed in arranging the repair treatment, which led to the complete rupture of the sewer pipe 10 days later, that is, on the 15th, and some ceilings and floors of the home were damaged by blistering. After Mr. Wang hired someone to dig the permeable ceiling and surrounding walls, he found a big hole in the sewer pipe& ldquo; It may have been smashed by cement blocks falling from the decoration of residents upstairs& rdquo; Mr. Wang said that the sewer pipe was shared by the whole residential building. I don't know which family broke it during decoration

yesterday, the reporter contacted the decoration design engineering company in Fuzhou. Mr. Miao, the relevant person in charge, said that after receiving Mr. Wang's feedback on the 5th, “ There was indeed a little delay in contacting workers to repair& rdquo; Mr. Miao said that the damage of the sewer pipe was smashed through by the falling cement block upstairs, which is not within the scope of the warranty& ldquo; Our company has certain responsibilities, and the company is willing to assume some responsibilities, but it can't be said to be the main responsibility& rdquo;

the reporter also contacted the Fujian Consumer Association for this purpose. The staff said that such incidents should clarify the main reason for the damage of the sewer. If it is not a design problem or a quality problem, the residents who smashed the sewer upstairs should be held accountable. However, considering that the decoration company did not handle the matter in time, both parties can negotiate to solve the repair problem

at present, Mr. Wang and the Fuzhou decoration design engineering company have expressed their willingness to negotiate to solve the repair costs. (source: Fuzhou News Network)




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