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Preparing the main materials for decoration is a major focus in family decoration. In addition to the quality of main materials affecting the overall effect of decoration, the preparation time and purchase order of main materials will also affect the construction period of decoration construction. Therefore, we should pay attention to it before decoration. Decorating new people must still be worried about the problem of "when to buy what kind of decoration materials". In general, the purchase of main materials is based on the construction time. However, the reasonable and orderly purchase of decoration main materials can also speed up the decoration speed

when purchasing decoration main materials, will you worry about missing some decoration main materials, affecting the construction period, or buying them too early to waste? The ordering of main materials is closely related to construction. Sometimes, because the owner orders the main materials too late or the delivery time is inappropriate, the main materials are often not supplied in time or come, which can be temporarily unavailable or nowhere to store. That is to say, it will cause inconvenience to the construction party and the main material party, and it is more because he is trapped in it and makes a mess. So what should we pay attention to in the preparation of decoration main materials? What is the purchase order of home decoration main materials? Referring to the decoration experience and expert opinions of some owners, I helped you sort out the following purchase order of home decoration main materials. I hope you can learn some experience from it

preparation of main materials for home decoration

1. The estimated decoration duration

the whole decoration process needs to go through several types of work: carpentry, electrician, hydraulics, bricklayer, oiler, etc. these types of work have a certain order, excluding the impact of weather on construction. The basic engineering of a medium-sized home decoration generally takes 45 to 60 days. Some main materials, such as wooden doors and cabinets, generally require a stock period of about 40 days. In this way, it takes at least 85 days from the beginning of decoration to meeting the living environment that can be accommodated. Plus ventilation for a month, it takes about 115 days

if you copy the decoration process of construction, material preparation and ventilation, I'm afraid “ Materials cannot catch up with work ” An embarrassing situation. But if all kinds of work are carried out alternately, the construction period will be shortened a lot, and at least one month's time can be saved. Therefore, the owner should take the matching home decoration style as the standard before the decoration, and give priority to the purchase of main materials, so as not to waste time waiting for the stock period of main materials

2. Reasonably arrange the ordering time of main materials

the ordering of main materials is closely related to the construction. Sometimes, because the owner orders the main materials too late or the delivery time is inappropriate, the supply of main materials is not timely or the main materials come, but they can't be used temporarily, and there is no place to store them, which not only causes inconvenience to the construction, but also makes himself confused. Therefore, Jiuzheng home network reminds owners to prepare as much as possible before decoration, especially in the preparation of main materials

before the decoration starts, the main materials that must be determined include floor heating, cabinets and heating; In the mid-term of decoration, the main materials that can be purchased simultaneously with the construction include ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, floors, doors, and customized furniture. Some materials with a long customization cycle must be timed out, and do not cause “ Idling workers ”. Other soft decorations can be selected slowly in combination with the overall style in the late stage of decoration

3. It is more affordable to buy main materials during the promotion.

generally, the promotion of building materials market has its own “ Schedule ”, The price will be relatively favorable during important holidays or large-scale activities. In contrast, although some regular promotions at ordinary times also make profits, the discount range cannot be compared. Therefore, from the perspective of budget saving, it is also a good way to pay a deposit and lock in product discounts when shopping more during holidays or large-scale promotional activities

purchase order of home decoration main materials

▲ in the early stage of construction (3— 5 days ago), mainly before the hydropower workers enter the site, the kitchen needs to order cabinets, stoves, range hoods, etc

▲ the bathroom needs to order sanitary ware, water heater, toilet, washbasin, etc

▲ after the water and electricity workers open the trunking, they can order wall tiles and floor tiles

▲ after the installation of water and electricity, the suit door can be reserved

▲ stone materials should be booked before the entry of masonry works (3— 5 days ago)

▲ after the cement workers enter the site, they can arrange the production of ceiling works, mainly by contacting professionals to drill holes for air conditioning holes and water heater exhaust holes

▲ wallpaper and partition glass can be ordered before the application of finish paint (3— 5 days ago)

▲ after the painters scrape the wall putty, they mainly buy aluminum gusset plates, Yuba, kitchen ceiling lamps and exhaust fans. At this time, the kitchen utensils purchased in the early stage can also be pulled into the market

▲ after the painter finishes the first coat of primer, it is necessary to notify the installation of suit door and door pocket, and purchase door accessories &mdash& mdash; Locks, hinges and handles

▲ during the emulsion paint painting period, it is necessary to reserve wooden floors, lamps, curtains, pendants, sanitary ware, and switch panels

▲ finally, you can consider the purchase and placement of furniture and the installation of curtains

editor's summary: main materials are the highlight of the decoration process, and the selection time of main materials is directly related to the decoration process, thus affecting the owner's time to move into the new home. Therefore, in the decoration, it is best to purchase the main materials in advance, so as to ensure the smooth connection of all links in the decoration and save the decoration time





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