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Classic, with infinite charm. Therefore, classics are always so popular

classics contain infinite charm

it can be the expression of the past

it can be the reference of the present

it can also be the prospect of the future

it is more like the umbilical cord connecting the past, the present and the future

it comes from life, but it is higher than life

unpredictable, but it is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

being in classics, With the help of

you can also feel a bit of classic flavor

San Marino whole wood customization

is to use tangible home

to integrate intangible classics into life

such as the romance of French home

in the magnificent colonnade

in the colorful carved flowers

in the subtle texture

silently express

classics.French home

often breaks the mix with a light and lively form

The dignified and boring brought by concrete

romantic French style of San Marino

integrates modern aesthetic concepts into the pure European style

does not copy the original French architecture, Suit measures to local conditions

but can use bright lines and stable and atmospheric colors

reveal French romance and elegance everywhere in the details

French home comes from aristocratic family

contains rich classical humanistic connotation

it is based on the consideration of ideal situations

requires both the overall magnificent atmosphere

and the pursuit of architectural poetry Poetic landscape

San Marino whole wood customization

good at grasping the overall layout

meticulous carving in details

symmetrical modeling, exquisite carving

dynamic and static, always exuding aristocratic breath

make a cup of coffee

with music, read books and newspapers

enjoy leisure time in your own residence

or accompany your family

. play, Cooking vegetables and soup

try to taste the smoke and fire of life

at this time, the classic

around you is the melody of melody swing

is also the overflow between the lines

it is the proper breath of home

San Marino, after years of accumulation in the whole wood customization industry. From focusing on high-end solid wood furniture to creating a model of humanistic home furnishings, a distinct and independent brand value system has been formed, transforming the pure European style, advanced technology, high-end solid wood, classical humanistic connotation and modern aesthetic concept into noble and peerless product attributes





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