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According to relevant data, from 2008 to 2015, the revenue of customized home furnishings increased at a high speed of more than 30%. For a time, "customization" has become a development trend generally recognized by the whole industry, and has become popular in all segments of the home furnishing market. Looking back and looking forward, we can better foresee the future. The rise of customized home furnishings is not "sudden". There are times and past. Of course, there are also shortcomings

future: consumption upgrading has spawned a large customized home market

the growth of disposable income of residents, the transfer of consumer groups to post-80s and post-90s marriageable subjects, and the rise of the middle class have accelerated the development of customized home industry. Consumers' attention to the living environment has helped the demand for personalized homes and environmentally friendly homes with high space utilization soar

from the customization concept initially introduced in Europe and the United States to the rise of the overall wardrobe in 2000, followed by the popularity of customized cabinets, bathroom and wooden doors, until the concept of overall home decoration was awakened in 2014, and customization was extended to the whole house

downwind Road: from single to whole, the whole house customization takes off downwind

with consumers' recognition of the customization concept, the whole house customization takes off downwind. By adding intelligent operation to the original numerical control equipment, we can use automation, mechanization, large-scale production of personalized customized home, and complete the C2B reform of the home industry

the way to the future: making up for shortcomings and improving efficiency is the breaking point

although the growth rate is amazing, the finished home in the field of home consumption is still dominant, rooted in the personalized attribute of customized home, which is difficult to form large-scale benefits. Residential real estate policies, economic cycles, and fluctuations in raw materials have a direct impact on the development of the home furnishing industry. At the same time, there are high hidden barriers to customized home furnishings, and the technology is more strictly controlled. When the market dividend attracted a large number of enterprises to gather for whole house customization, there was a persistent disease of homogenization, and the uneven flexible production process and informatization led to the proliferation of fake customized brands, which seriously disrupted the market order

in the future of whole house customization, what really needs to be tested is the comprehensive strength of enterprises. Restricted by soft customization, user experience, design form and other aspects, it is a great challenge to truly achieve good whole house customization. At the same time, as an offline physical store of the traditional sales mode, it is still the main channel. How to use Internet tools and new technologies to make rational use of customization, reduce user decision-making costs and improve communication efficiency is the breaking point of future development

look back and look forward to the future. Listing financing and Internet + make the development of household industry more transparent; Consumers' new consumption concept of changing from price orientation to personality, brand, quality and environmental protection also indicates that consumption upgrading is far from the end. The customized home furnishing industry is still on the road of exploring ways to provide users with a better consumer experience

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