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Waste plastic cleaning workshop directly discharged waste water into seepage pit and was investigated and dealt with according to the Public Security Bureau of Mancheng District, Baoding City, recently, the environmental security brigade of the Bureau cooperated with the environmental protection department of the district to solve a criminal case of environmental pollution and arrested the suspect Han

according to the SMM news from the police: on June 6, Fang introduced that according to the deployment of the region's environmental pollution control work, the environmental protection brigade of the bureau gave full play to its crackdown function, took the "crackdown and remediation" action as an opportunity, took the initiative to cooperate with the environmental protection departments to strengthen the inspection of key areas and key industries, and thoroughly searched for clues to cases. On May 5, the team found an illegal production of waste plastic cleaning workshop during work, and the waste water was directly discharged into the seepage pit in the hospital. After sampling and sending to the judicial identification center for identification, the waste water generated from the cleaning belongs to hazardous waste. The machine adopts the exchange frequency division stepping speed regulation electromechanical and exchange digital servo speed regulation system as the driving device. On May 20, the police handling the case arrested Mr. Han, a suspect suspected of environmental pollution

after trial, Mr. Han confessed to the crime of directly discharging the cleaning wastewater into the seepage pit in the hospital and polluting the groundwater resources

at present, the suspect Han has been under criminal detention, and the case is under further trial

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